My DNA story

My DNA story begins a while ago when I purchased a kit from Family Tree DNA back in 2009.  I have received several matches but they all need reviewing to check against the ‘paper trail’.

I then purchased an Ancestry test and the first two results, claimed by Ancestry to be 2nd cousins were indeed correct. One of those cousins I had actually met in Canada a few years ago. I now have several 2 – 4th cousins who can all be proved with paper trails.

Now I have to work out what to do with the plethora of other ‘cousins’, many of which I suspect will not be related close enough to be proved.

I did discover a Masterclass written by Peter Calver who created the Lost Cousins website, this will give me quite a lot of work for those long winter evenings!

One thought on “My DNA story”

  1. I’m finding that success breeds success. By this I mean that, the more matches one can identify by paper trail, the more likely that one can correctly identify the part of one’s tree where common ancestors can be found for a specified — but as yet unidentified — match. My wife and I have tested with FamilyTreeDNA, 23andME, and AncestryDNA. Recently with her 23andME matches I was able to find a match of hers who, through his description of his principal ancestral location and by his matches in common with my wife, seemed to be from her matrilineal line. Using this information I was able to send a brief message through the 23andME communications network that asked if either of two family names sounded familiar. He invited me to view his tree at and I cross-invited him to view hers. But when I saw the name of one ancestor, it “clicked” with my memory; the common ancestor was a generation farther back than I’d been looking! Turns out this man’s mother is my wife’s fourth cousin, and I was able to give the names of both parents and all four grandparents of the mystery ancestor he had — one who was a “brick wall” to him until the DNA match made it possible for me to see how the two of them related. Up until now, all matches had been confirmations of known individuals in the database. This is a first case of making a true connection between parties, but the key was the willingness of both of us to share our trees after one of us (me) created a hypothetical solution to the DNA match.

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