Newsletter December 2016

First I trust you had a very good Christmas / Holiday and I wish you all the very best for 2017.

Most of you will have received an email from Sue Beety, who has worked hard to get this Fellowship started, thank you Sue.

I would also like to thank Madu Bishnu for volunteering to be our Secretary.

We are now included in the Fellowships listed in the Rotary Fellowships Flier and in the Rotary Fellowships Directory, both of which can be found on the Rotary International website.

There are a couple of things we need to do, the first of which is to seek approval from RI for our logo. The one you see at the top of this email was produced by Larry Anthony and I rather like it. We use it on our Facebook page and, if you agree, I propose submitting it to RI for approval. Please let me know what you think.

Once this is approved we can start producing publicity information especially for the Atlanta Convention.

Speaking of the Convention we have been awarded a booth in the House of Friendship, RI rules require the booth to be manned all the time, and they do check, failure to have cover would jeopardise our chance of getting a booth next time.  If you are willing to help out even for a couple of hours in the four days please let me know.

To produce the material will cost some money and I think that we could do with a website in addition to our Facebook presence so I believe that we should have a ‘lifetime’ membership dues of $20 each. That means we need aTreasurer, any volunteers?

Finally, in order to keep proper details of our membership please complete the Membership Form that I will send separately and forward it to me so I can pass it on to Madu. We will only use members details to assist in communications within the membership.

Thats enough for New Year’s Eve. Don’t forget to let me know your views on the logo and whether you can help on the booth.

Yours in Fellowship


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