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Online (preferred) by completing the form below and clicking ‘Register” this will send you to a Registration Successful page where you will be asked to pay the member dues.


Hardcopy by downloading and completing the Membership Application which you will find in the Documents section of this site and posting to the address on the Application.

Pay Member dues (Annual US$ 20, Life membership US$ 100), following the registration submission or membership application by one of the following methods:-

Online (preferred) by clicking the Pay Now button on  this page. If you do not have a PayPal account you can still pay by debit / credit card as a  guest of PayPal.


Check (cheque) for the appropriate amount posted to the address shown in the Membership Application.

Following receipt of the registration and confirmation that dues payment has been received a website administrator will activate your membership and you  will receive an email containing your password. Please note that this is a manual operation and may take a little time.

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